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                                                                               JAB not STAB
is a campaign aimed at young kids who are vulnerable to criminality and are out on the streets of Ipswich and the Suffolk area.
our aim is to get them into sport and off the streets, we are doing 12 week courses in MUAY THAI / BOXING and to give them a start in life which will give them more Confidence, Well Being, The goal of ''JAB Not STAB'' will vary with each young person’s individual needs and goals, but the fundamental improvement in confidence, discipline, and focus will push young people to self-improvement  

Attendance to every session is mandatory. These sessions will be free of charge. In the 6th week you will receive the following:

  1. Jab Not Stab Tee Shirt

  2. Shorts

  3. Hand Wraps

  4. Boxing Gloves

  5. Kit Bag

Changing Young peoples lives for the better, Building there confidence, giving them the opportunity to Focus and give them the push they need

My goal is to get this Campaign not to just work in the Ipswich and Suffolk area but to spread out to other gyms in the country.Hopefully ''JAB not STAB'' will become a Campaign that a lot of young kids will want to get involved in, in the future.

Facebook: gary jabnotstab staff or email; jabnotstab@outlook.com